I Love Failure is a movement born in Bucharest in 2018 to share publicly business failure stories, cultivate a growth mindset and help people get over failures.

I Love Failure – Talks

I Love Failure – Talks is an event where people share on stage their proffessional failure stories and what they learned from them. Failure is a part of any success

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Failure anonymous

Failure anonymous   Failure anonymous is a meeting of a close group of people (5-12) to talk about their failures over a glass of wine. A key ingredient in getting

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What is included?

Brand licensing
Support & training
Marketing assets, design templates and tutorials
Local exclusivity, there can only be one I Love Failure per city

Why do it?

Because it’s fun!
One learns more from failure than from stories of success.
No vulnerability, no creativity.
No tolerance for failure, no innovation.
If you’re not willing to fail, you can’t innovate.
Be the cool event in town.

How does it look like?

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