The idea behind celebrating failure is simple: innovation is an extremely unstructured process driven by countless variables within and outside your control.

We believe that the I Love Failure movement can have the biggest impact in schools. Since we are young people tell us that it’s wrong to try, it’s wrong to fail and it’s very hard to change this when we are adults that is why for each corporate event sold we create an event for free in a school.

Proven benefits

Promotes an acceptance of failure and celebrates trying
Reduces the fear of failure
Decreases the feeling of hierarchy
Facilitates bottom-up innovation
Energizes the culture of the company
Prevents losses by finding early stage mistakes

Why do it?

No vulnerability, no creativity.
No tolerance for failure, no innovation.
If you’re not willing to fail, you can’t innovate.
It’s that simple.

What is included?

Host I Love Failure Talks events in your company
Curated content to promote growth mindset over fixed mindset
Branding for the event ( Rollup & TShirts)
Moderator & Speakers
Event pictures
Event movie

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